If Israel is an apartheid state given that they occupy Gaza where there are lot of Palestinians are living inside, Vietnam is arguably in the same level of Israel. Vietnam took Kampuchea Krom (Saigon) from Cambodia in 1949 (not to mention that they also took Tral island (Phu Kok) from Cambodia). Kampuchea Krom is a huge chunk of territory that consists of over twenty provinces inside, and hundred of thousands of native Cambodian (called Khmer-Krom) are still living there oven though the territory was given to the Vietnamese. Often time, the Vietnamese government oppresses those native Cambodian by sentencing or using the act of violence (But not as serious as what the Israeli government often do to the Palestinian). Monks have been the target of the government given that monks usually educate young generation of Khmer krom Khmer language and Khmer culture inside Pagoda--the government find it illegal and they try to oppress those kind of activities. There are lot of cases that the Vietnamese government try to pound Khmer Krom people. Lot of Khmer krom people always have a sense that Khmer is the identity of their blood even though they are in part of Vietnam.

My bottom line is that I always have a sense that Vietnam has been trying to do to Cambodia like the way Israel does to Palestine. They try to duplicate that pattern.

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Mr. Professor, I am pleased to have listened to almost all of your speeches on the genocide in Gaza and others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would just like to hear from you: why South Africa stood up for the Palestinians in the International Court of Justice. I think people need to know this, namely:

- that Israel organize during apartheid in South Africa bantustans;

- that Israel tested its atomic bomb in the South African desert;

- that Israel funded research on biological weapons (to find a disease that would affect only Arabs and blacks);

- that the General Assembly condemned the union of South African racism and Zionism back in 1953.

Isn't it important? What do you say about this?

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The atrocities committed by Zionists/Israelis/Jews go back more than 75 years.

Quote: A history of war crimes

In October 1951, the Israelis raided Gaza, killing dozens of Palestinians and Egyptians, demolishing dozens of houses, and blowing up wells to curb the attempts by the expelled Palestinians to return home across the new borders erected by the Jewish settler colony.

At the time, foreign observers did not mention Israel’s 'right to defend itself' and called the massacre 'an appalling case of deliberate mass murder'

Earlier, in August 1949, Israeli soldiers captured two Palestinian refugees. They killed the man and 22 soldiers took turns raping the woman before killing her. In March 1950, Israeli soldiers abducted two Palestinian girls and one boy from Gaza across the new border.

They killed the boy and then raped the two girls before killing them. By then, it was quite common for Israeli soldiers and police to rape female Palestinian refugees attempting to return to their homes, a practice that was widespread during the Nakba a few years earlier.

In August 1950, for example, four Israeli policemen raped a Palestinian woman picking fruit from her family’s orchard across the West Bank border.

Israeli raids on Gaza would continue in 1952 and 1953, culminating in the Bureij refugee camp massacre in August of that year. The Israeli military unit 101 killed at least 20 Palestinian refugees, including seven women and five children, by throwing bombs through the windows of their huts while they slept and shooting those who fled. Dozens were injured. Other sources put the final tally of Palestinians killed at 50.

At the time, foreign observers did not mention Israel’s “right to defend itself” and called the massacre “an appalling case of deliberate mass murder”. That same year, the Israelis slaughtered 70 Palestinian civilians in the West Bank village of Qibya, which even the Indianapolis-based, pro-Israel National Jewish Post compared to the Nazi massacre at Lidice.


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S. Africa ????? What does s. A know about.genocide in Gaza apart from their own experience as perpetrators of that crime 2 age old truths apply people in glass houses should not throw stones and pot calling the kettle black Who takes hostages today ??? terrorists and pirates ! and we now have 2 such groups active vs. Israel and the worlds ships urged on by misguided agitators like you Try living next door to them with rocket fire a regular occurence for years and the final atrocity of oct 7 The palestinians have sat by and watched Hamas threaten and commit atrocities for years just like the germans allowed the nazis to do in the 30s and 40s and now you advocatei it Despicable !!

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Imagine this headline: “Brits bomb Belfast to obliterate IRA – 24,000 dead, 50,000 injured, all hospitals flattened – children limbless and starving”.


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Yes Mr. Mearsheimer, as you said, “brute facts are hard to dispute.”

But your facts are highly curated.

A better word for “partial truths” is “lies”.

Let’s see, who is famous for making “creative truths” using partial truths.

Oh yeah, that’s right, Satan.

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Es curioso y descorazonador, ver lo acotado que es, necesariamente, el análisis histórico de los hechos. Cómo si se buscase eludir religiosamente la conclusión correcta, dura e indiscutible: el llamado estado de israel, usurpa violenta y criminalmente hasta el último milímetro del territorio de Palestina, de un modo atroz, superador de todas las historias y mitos sobre la Alemania de la segunda guerra mundial. La única solución ( que luce imposible) es que estos criminales reclutados de entre las peores mafias financieras y armamentisticas, se retiren o sean retirados de toda la tierra de Palestina hasta el último.

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Jan 14·edited Jan 14

Even though I cannot prove this, I STRONGLY suspect that the Israeli government and it’s military (the IDF) DID have advanced intelligence indicating that a HAMAS attack was imminent, but INTENTIONALLY waited almost 7 hours after the attack began before taking any retaliatory or repulsive actions. I believe that this was INTENDED so that the Israeli government could televise the bloody murder and mayhem which ensued via the HAMAS attack. This gave Israel the opportunity to gain almost immediate world sympathy and hopefully full approval of and for the now obvious OVERREACTION by the IDF and Israel’s clear intent of GENOCIDE. I STRONGLY suspect that this whole scenario had been pre-planned long before the actual HAMAS attack of Oct. 7 2023 began. When it comes to Zionist Israel, very little is as it may seem at first glance. DECEPTION, lies and half-truths are it’s, ‘stock in trade.’

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Well put!

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An excellent piece of fact! Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Hi John,

Although I really enjoyed your analysis of the Ukraine war a couple of years ago, you couldn't be more wrong this time:

1) The only ones really Intending and performing genocide were the Hamas Terrorists who committed their atrocities on October 7'th, i refer you to this website


2) In 2005 Israel withdrew from Gaza completely, hoping to get the residents there a fresh start, that didn't happen as Hamas took over in 2007 killing its opposition, and since then targeted Israel with every rocket they could make.

3) They hid rockets under ground, in schools and near hospitals and mosques, and dug huge tunnels underground, which could resist any attempt to destroy them surgically.

4) The only way to get rid of these weapons which only were constructed as offensive weapons and not as defensive ones, is to have boots on the ground, to scan every house and every tree to find and destroy these weapons of mass destruction.

5) Hams is and was always using its civilians as shelter for its terrorist activities, they have always encourages people to be martyrs, and always adored death, while we in Israel adore life.

6) If you believe this war is only about territory and that sacrificing Israel would be the solution for your peace of mind, kindly remember 9/11, can you seriously say that the radical Islamist who made these attacks were after territory, or was it religious motivation against the west ?

Make no mistake John, all you need to do is read the Quran, if we lose this war, or have to stop it prematurely, the US and Europe is next for them.


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Unfortunately, the currently Zionist led Israel shall not pay any attention to this.

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Palestinian parents write the names of their children on different parts of their body so, if torn apart by Israel/US bombs, as thousands have been, they can be identified. A hand or leg with a name, a lump of flesh with a name, will mean the child is not lost totally in death.

This practice is not new because Israel has bombed Gaza many times since it turned it into a prison in 2007. It is new to the rest of Occupied Palestine which Israel is now bombing.

But, if anyone thinks that such a practice does not represent some of the greatest evil in human history they are in a deep state of denial. This is happening because Israel with the support, by omission or commission, of too many nations, is slaughtering children in order to destroy the Palestinian people.


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Hello John. Great piece, thank you.

However, as a South African not living in South Africa, I am deeply disturbed that the South African government sees fit to call Israel out for committing genocide while knowingly it has been acting out a series of "crimes of humanity" against South Africans currently living in South Africa. The ANC (African National Congress) is the ruling political party in South Africa; through another systematically implemented kind of anti-apartheid racism call BEE (Black Economic Empowerment), they have destroyed the lives of many South Africans, killing our hopes and dreams for a better future. No, they have not committed genocide, but what they have done is bleed out the prosperity of millions of people through a smart but evil grand theft (which has been named "State Capture").

The ANC-led South African government itself needs to appear before the International Criminal Court for crimes committed against South Africa that excludes genocide. So, I find it rather intriguing that they so eloquently brought the case against Israel. Two-faced snakes, the many-headed beast of an organisation. And the world watches on while South Africans are crippled in South Africa, caught in the worst socioeconomic condition the country has been since formation. It's weird how the world works these days.

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Thank you for your moral integrity

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