Professor Mearsheimer,

Dennis Kucinich just posted an article informing us that an amendment was quietly attached to the Pentagon budget that re-institutes the draft and it automatically signs up all males aged 18-26. Under the law, "undocumented immigrants, between the ages of 18 and 26, numbering at least 1.5 million, could also be conscripted." It also makes possible conscription of young women of the same age.

I don't recall reading that in the NYT.

America Prepares for Global War and Restarts the Draft for 18-26 year olds

Dennis Kucinich

Jun 13, 2024


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There is no legal jurisdiction called Israel. Most of the land has been stolen and ethnically cleansed by the Jews (ethnic cleansing eh, naughty naughty, didn't that happen to them once, rings a bell).

Theft is theft, whether the United Nations approved it or not.

The country is called Palestine and its people are Palestinians.

A Jew in Palestine is at best a Jewish Palestinian, not an 'Israeli'; at worst a criminal of some form.

The only Jews in the country with citizen rights are the ones descended from Jews who lived there and owned land there in 1917 – the year of the Balfour Declaration – which is a tiny proportion of today's Jewish population.

Every other land-owning Jew in the country today is either a land thief, or descendant of a land thief, or an accomplice in land theft, and as such the only human rights they have are the rights of thieves in incarceration, so water and a bit of food. Maybe some exercise in the yard. That's it.

Winston Churchill (1921): "We made an equal pledge that we would not turn the Arab off his land or invade his political and social rights".

An Englishman's word, eh, Winston?

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People should be aware of the McMahon/Hussein agreement of 1915 whereby Britain promised the Arabs self rule of their land (which included Palestine ) after the war if they would rise up against the Ottomans which they did. The Brits then reneged on their agreement. Then two years later Lord Balfour made his famous declaration

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Given what we're doing in Ukraine to the Russians, if we were still in Afghanistan the Russians might be throwing Operation Cyclone right back at us, at this point in the alternate timeline it may have gotten so ugly that we either have to do another surge -- which during the current state of affairs in the world and the US militaries issues -- would be disastrous or we'd have to do a far more humiliating retreat from the country than we did in our real timeline. Also, the idea that we set up a democracy in Afghanistan is dumb. Every election was rigged, the least rigged one was the one before last where Ghani lost after campaigning on what he did when he finally one and the last one was (even according to the UN!) heavily fraudulent and Ghani ran on the opposite platform of what he ran on the first time and then proceeded to implement the platform from the first time after his fraudulent election. According to US Gov inspector generals, many Afghan "elected" legislators had literally never been to their districts once in their lives. A foreign NGOocracy ran much of the governance of the country. Corruption was ride at levels in all places. Local level governments had almost no say in any meaningful economic matters (remind you of anywhere else in the world?). Etc., etc. I could go on. That isn't a democracy.

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Abandon Biden town hall happening now: https://tinyurl.com/AbandonBidenTownHall

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It is sad to see Mearsheimer going so low. Helper is a deranged self-hating bitch, not taken seriously anybody.

Just a short comment, as I could not watch the pair before getting sick.

When the prof lists history of how/when Israel left Gaza with his typical sarcastic smile, he forgot to mention all the industrial and agriculture that was left for and immediately destroyed by Palestinians. The antisemite also failed to mentioned missile fire from Gaza to nearby Israeli towns that started immediately after that withdrawal. And the 'interviewer' bitch does not correct him and all the sheep thank him for his 'knowledge '.

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You are in the wrong place for your BS because no one is buying it since most if not all are familiar with history, and how the Zionist were given the land of another after the collapse of the Ottoman empire, but the Zionists due to their own prejudice called it a land without a people although Palestinian life constituted 90 percent of the population. The majority of the Jewish population left many, many many hundreds of years before and constituted a very small minority, smaller then that of the Christian population. Your hate and prejudice is always in full site, not to mention your historical ignorance. We are also not ignorant as to what Israel is doing in regard to the Palestinians both in Gaza and the West Bank, It's called a genocide, and your lies or ignorance cannot change that. I do not in anyway condone what Hamas did which killed 12 hundred people or so, while Israel has targeted and continues to do so a civilian population that has killed 10's of thousands, mostly women and children, which has left many children without parents and left many parents to mourn the loss of their children. Your lack of compassion for these people, obvious is due to your inability to see them as people.

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Tell me, Fran, how many terrorists were killed in Gaza?

Are the doctor, his journalist son, and the female members of their families who held an Israeli hostage and who were killed during the liberation of that hostage 'innocent Palestinians'?

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Jun 14·edited Jun 14

Here's another story, and it is true since they have their bodies, and it's happened in one way or another so very, very often. It will be remembered, since history has a very long memory. https://electronicintifada.net/content/when-israel-killed-twins-front-their-father/47056

There are so many stories I read like this, and I guess it's because as Gallant said from the beginning that they are animals, that is Palestinians are animals, so it matters not how they are slaughtered.

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Those that were killed in Gaza, wounded in Gaza, did no harm other then to be born into a prison Israel created for them where they cannot come and go as they please, and aren't allowed access to the sea, not even for food. What you referenced is something I know nothing about, and if true it cannot be used to justify what Israel is doing, which is, implementing a genocide. You try to rationalize, that is make excuses, but there are none. I am an American yet I was against all our Middle Eastern wars that were driven by a neocon agenda. Even as a child my country right or wrong was never acceptable to me. Your position and those that adopt it are truly destroying Israel as well, but you fail to see it since you are blinded by your hate and your bigotry.

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Half the people in Gaza are too young to have voted for Hamas, yet they are Israeli victims as well.. I hold Hamas accountable and as I said I do not, did not approve their assault that killed innocents. Who cultivated Hamas through the decades? Well if you said Netanyahu you would be right since he and Hamas didn't want a two state solution, and what is going on in the West Bank reaffirms that. He seemed to make that quite clear when he won his election in 2022. Hamas even claimed one of the reasons for the assault was the deadly assaults and destruction going on in the West Bank since many innocent Palestinians have been driven from their own land, murdered and much of the West Bank has been taken over by Israel, not to mention the many thousands arrested, not charged, but imprisoned for years. Somewhere along the way Sanych you have lost your sense of humanity since you are condoning a genocide, and have a complete disregard for international law.

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UN considers anybody 19 and younger as a child. But these are the new Hamass recruits. Israel has many casualties - the fight is with the terrorists who hide among civilians.

You are.not capable.of answering my direct question because you are a Nazi. You wrote that I have lost my humanity - i.e. I am not a human and you can pit me in an oven.


We had dealt with your kind before and your time will come as well.

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I wondered before where the Nazis reincarnated to. Now I know. According to the Israeli polls, “more than 60% of Israelis think that the IDF is not using enough force in Gaza.” The Nazis committed the Holocaust. If you know where they are now, look into the mirror.

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You said, “The antisemite also failed to mentioned missile fire from Gaza to nearby Israeli towns that started immediately after that withdrawal.”

So what? That’s what you get for bombing the Palestinians repeatedly before the withdrawal. Do you think the Palestinians will just lie down and wait for F-16 bombers to hit them? Do you think Israel only has the right to fire missiles?

Read about the full history of the Gaza occupation before you spread propaganda unless you know that they are just lies and propaganda.

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So, Coda, Israel withdrew from Gaza - call it a gesture of good will, call it a step to break cycle of violence, call it whatever, and your friends Pals respond with missile fire.

And you are saying it is reasonable.


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You said, “And you are saying it is reasonable.


It’s either forgot or you are ignorant of historical facts. When Israel left Gaza, they stayed at the border and put a blockade around it to control what goes in and out. This includes people. Israel made it an open air prison. David Cameron of UK said that Gaza is a “giant open prison.” At one point, Israel forbids chocolates and toys from coming into Gaza.

If you are going to come here and engage with arguments, you need to be educated with at least the minimum obvious historical facts. Please read some more. Read official publications. Do not get historical facts from chat forums.

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Israel left Gaza in 2005.

Blockade was established in 2007 after endless missiles and Hamas winning elections.

Also, there is border with Egypt.

These are the facts.

It's you who is ignorant and can't follow simple timeliness.

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Go read some more. Come back here when you get your facts and timeline correct. I’ll give a hint. Israel withdrew its settlers and forces from the Gaza strip in 2005. That did not happen overnight. Israel deployed its military along the border. Israel maintains military control over Gaza. They are still there. The complete blockade only happens in 2007 when Hamas won the elections.

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Military this and Military that. Are you really that stupid?

IDF withdrew from Gaza and stayed on the Israeli side of the border to prevent ham ass terrorists to infiltrate Israel. What's wrong with that?

The blockade happened 2 years after the withdrawal as a response to attacks fron Palestinians.

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He's been here before and no doubt he's a troll, since he's been spewing this anti-Palestinian all about.

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